North Beach Developer Plans New Luxury Condo Tower After Losing at Ballot Box

Six months after Miami Beach voters rejected a plan to demolish historic oceanfront properties in North Beach to make way for a luxury condo tower, developer Sandor Scher is back with a new proposal for the stretch known as Ocean Terrace.

His plan would demolish only one building and would preserve a number of historic façades while making the beachfront more pedestrian-friendly. But it also keeps one controversial element in tact: Scher still plans to erect a high-rise tower.

Instead of the 250-foot tower he proposed last time around, this plan seeks to build to 235 feet. That’s still a 313 percent increase in allowable height (the current standard is 75 feet). But this time, Scher doesn’t need voter approval to make it happen; he simply needs a majority of Miami Beach commissioners to approve the zoning change.

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