100 Years: The Dark and Dirty History of Miami Beach

Exactly 100 years ago, March 26, 1915, the 33 registered voters of Miami Beach officially incorporated the new city. To celebrate its centennial, the city is throwing itself a grand, 100-hour celebration, and local media outlets are putting out nostalgic looks back at the Beach’s finest moments. You’re sure to hear all about Miami Beach’s proudest memories: the epic hotels, the unique architecture, the celebrities and creativity, and the unique culture. But that isn’t the only history that has made the Beach what it is today. After all, not only the good times but also the tough times shape a place’s character.

And Miami Beach has one hell of a history of crime, corruption, racism, economic downfall, and even a brush with war. Before we blow out those 100 candles on the Beach’s cake, let’s take a look at the lowlight reel.

Men Play God
Throughout the vast majority of human existence, our species has been content with living on land that already exists and is readily inhabitable. This is not true of Miami Beach.

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