Mayor Levine Can’t Buy Miami Herald Off

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Mayor Levine Can’t Buy Miami Herald Off, Last week, my fellow Commissioners (not all) and I Mayor Levine  instructed the City Manager and Attorney to respond to the Miami Herald’s misleading and damaging May 16th article regarding king tides and our flood mitigation system. The following letter was sent to the Executive Editor of the Miami Herald:
We took this step because the article misrepresented the facts about our City’s efforts to address flooding and protecting the environment and caused undue challenges to our commitment to maintain public health and safety.

Further, the inaccuracies in the article wrongly paints a picture for our visitors and residents which could harm our City’s vibrant tourism economy and reduce public confidence in our anti flooding mitigation measures.

The fact is the City’s waters remain swimmable and meet the requirements of our National Pollution Discharge Elimination System as prescribed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection.

My colleagues and I Mayor Levine, appreciate that protecting our bay is critically important and an issue that affects the broader South Florida community. It is imperative that our community receives accurate and truthful information and is able to continue leading by example for the benefit of all.

Thank you,

Mayor Philip Levine


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