Panera Food Sends Child to Hospital

Panera Food Sends Child to Hospital

When your child has a life-threatening allergy, you know all about being vigilant. But what happened at Panera Food to a young girl at a Panera is enough to send chills down any parent’s spine.

As WFXT News reports, John Russo was extra-careful about placing the order for his five-year-old daughter, Elissa. Because Elissa is extremely allergic to peanuts, Russo mentioned her allergy in the online notes.

He asked that the staff be sure that the little girl’s grilled cheese and cookie were safe for her to eat.

When the family sat down to eat their food, however, they immediately knew something had gone wrong.

Elissa told her parents that her food tasted “weird” and her throat began to close up. Before long, she had gone into anaphylactic shock and was vomiting….

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  • June 8, 2016 at 4:25 PM

    Their food is excellent however, if you read the article you would see they were warrant and it was the one that was preparing the food that had a language problem. I posted this as a warning to people with allergies I for one am allergic to mushrooms I cannot tell you how many fine restaurants I have eaten in and ordered a steak and told them that I was allergic to mushrooms and outcomes the steak with a big mushroom cap on top. Mistakes happen but people with Allergies must be extra cautious and not assume that their requests are being honored check before you bite.

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