Open Letter from Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco

Open Letter from Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco

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Open Letter from Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco

by: Miami Beach Commissioner Michael Grieco


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An Open letter to My South of Fifth Neighbors


I write you today as both your neighbor and commissioner, the topic being the proposed redevelopment of Miami Beach Marina at 300 Alton Road. Up until now I have remained relatively silent on this issue, as I did not deem it appropriate to impose upon you whatever philosophies I
may have regarding this project or development in general. I now feel it is my duty to disclose where I think we should be going with this as a neighborhood.

Now is not the time for this project. The public benefits package, traffic management proposals, view corridors and neighborhood-friendly retail are all great selling points, but the reality is that our neighborhood has both construction and traffic fatigue. This project, if successfully embraced in the future, must be a product of consensus and exponentially more input from us. Al-
though many of those I speak with see great merit in what could happen here, the general notion that the vetting process is being expedited simply for a big turnout ballot in November does not sit well most, including me.

The development team knows that it can not begin to sell their project to the rest of the city and elected officials without achieving consensus among those most directly-affected. South of Fifth is a gem of a neighborhood within a gem of a city, and we as a collective are protective of
what we have built here together. Not all change is bad, but in order to embrace good change we need to feel that the appropriate amount of time and consideration are given.

Without establishing any artificial timetable, I will not be supporting this project for the 2016 ballot cycle. I do not think that the proponents are anywhere near where they need ‘to be, both with me or our neighborhood. I have communicated these sentiments to the development group and they understand that there is work still to be done. Instinctively I do think that a re-purposing of this city land is appropriate, but time will tell what the right project looks like.

As your Commissioner I have fought hard to improve upon and protect the quality of life South of Fifth. Whether it be recent enhancements to pedestrian safety, implementing the Park Rangers, or my recent sponsorship of an ordinance amendment that will prevent future proliferation of late night alcohol service. I will continue to do my best and my ears are always open to
new ideas.

Thank you for your time, and as you always know I am here for you.


“Any costs associated with the letter were paid for personally by Commissioner Michael Grieco”
TEL: (305) 6737035 e FAX (305) 673-7096



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    Save Florida Wild Life!

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