Short-term rental Miami Beach create in North Beach

Short-term rental Miami Beach create in North Beach

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Miami Beach create short-term rental in North Beach

Short-term rental The city of Miami Beach which is generally hostile to the idea of short-term rentals took steps on Tuesday to create a short-term rental district in the city’s aging North Beach neighborhood, home to scores of older MiMo buildings that many say are not economically viable.

The city’s planning board approved an ordinance that will be considered by the city commission on July 13 that will create a short-term rental district along Harding Avenue from 87th Street south to 73rd Street.

The district is zoned RM-1, which currently prohibits rentals for periods of less than six months and one day with few exceptions on Miami Beach. But backers of the measure say an average of 30,000 vehicles travel south on Harding Avenue every day and it’s virtually impossible to rent out apartments with multi-year leases on the street.

The ordinance would allow short-term rentals for seven-day periods in buildings that front Harding Avenue. Daniel Veitia, (Editor’s note: Daniel Veitia’s company managers many of the buildings in question) a local real estate broker who serves on the advisory North Beach steering committee told the board that the proposed ordinance “is a great way to incentive the restoration of MiMo buildings.”

Of the 75 properties that line Harding Avenue, 37 have been designated as “contributing” or historic. Much of the area lies within a National Historic District but the buildings are not protected from demolition. Owners of many of the buildings have complained for years that rental income they get from the buildings is not sufficient to cover the high costs of maintenance for the older buildings — especially increasing insurance premiums related to the costs of sea-level rise. Matis Cohen, a major property owner in the area, told the planning board the proposed ordinance among other things “is designed to preserve historic buildings.”

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