Miami Beach Files Court Brief Urging Court to Reject Casino at City’s Front Door

Miami Beach Files Court Brief Urging Court to Reject Casino at City’s Front Door

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Miami Beach Files Court Brief Urging Court to Reject Casino at City’s Front Door

City Files Amicus Curiae Brief to Join County Opposing Gambling Facility

The City of Miami Beach today filed papers in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, asking Judge Antonio Morin for leave to file a brief as amicus curiae to keep Resorts World Omni, LLC from creating and maintaining a pari-mutuel wagering facility at the Omni Center, which sits on the border of the City and near two major traffic arteries into the City. Resorts World Omni has sued Miami-Dade County and the Miami-Dade State Attorney, asking the court to prohibit criminal prosecution for opening a pari-mutuel gaming facility near the entrance to historic South Beach.

As the top tourist destination, the City of Miami Beach has a compelling interest to ensure gaming facilities and casinos are not allowed to be established at the City’s front door or anywhere throughout Miami-Dade County.

We are entering this lawsuit to make sure that the Court knows that a ruling allowing gambling where it has never been allowed before has the potential to hurt and ultimately destroy our small businesses, restaurants and hotels. In Miami Beach we have a tourism formula that works for residents and businesses. Casinos just take and give nothing back,” said Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine.

As recent studies continue to show the tremendously harmful effects gambling operations have on a community and its neighboring areas, Miami Beach firmly maintains its strong opposition against such establishments coming anywhere near their iconic destination.  These studies have found that casinos:

  • Fail to provide job growth for local residents and city-wide economic development, among many other detrimental concerns.

  • Hurt local establishments when consumers decide to spend their budget on gambling activities, rather than experiencing the City’s array of world-class amenities and other draws. Atlantic City is a perfect example of what has been described as a tale of two cities, as the gaming in the area has done little to revitalize the rest of Atlantic City and its business community.

  • Increase criminal activity, according to Gaming Impact Studies 8% of the street crime (aggravated assault, rape, larceny, robbery, murder, burglary, and auto theft) in counties with casinos could be directly attributed to the presence of the casino.

  • Burden traffic and transportation methods, there are only a specific number of available routes by which visitors and residents can utilize

  • .

    As a matter of public policy, prohibiting gaming facilities and casinos continues to be a top priority for residents, businesses and city officials.

    The motion and the brief filed today can be viewed here:


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