Mayor Levine Gave Out His Twitter Block List in 2015 but Now Refuses to Do So

In September 2015, Miami Beach Mayor Phil Levine had just one person on his Twitter block list: a user named “Asscakes,” with the handle @asscakessupreme. Levine voluntarily disclosed that information in response to a public-records request by California paralegal Angela Greben filed that year, which New Times has obtained.

Yet when Miami journalist and activist Grant Stern asked for that same information in 2016, Levine denied his request. Last week, Stern sued Levine, claiming that because the mayor uses his Facebook and Twitter accounts to conduct the city’s “official business,” those accounts are subject to public-records laws.

The fact that Levine would so easily hand out his block list in 2015 raises an obvious question: Why put up roadblocks to that same information less than a year later?

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