Miami Beach’s First-Ever Dune Management Plan Approved by the State

10-Year Update of the City’s Beachfront Management Plan

The City of Miami Beach is proud to announce the State of Florida’s unanimous approval of the 10-year update to its beachfront management plan, including Miami Beach’s first ever dune management plan. The State owns the City’s beaches and their approval of the plan speaks to the City’s successful approach toward beach management.

“Our white, sandy beaches are beloved by our residents and draw over 7.4 million visitors from around the world,” said Miami Beach Environmental Resource Manager Margarita Wells. “They provide ample opportunities for recreation, and those visitors spend $11.7 billion in tourism revenue.”

The City’s beachfront management plan outlines key beach management activities including concession operations, special events, and natural resource conservation. It was developed collaboratively with input from City, County, and State officials, as well as local residents, business owners and environmental organizations. The City’s resiliency was a key consideration throughout the development of the plan.

“Our beaches play a key role in protecting our community. The dune system is one of our first lines of defense against hurricanes and storms,” said Wells.

Local non-profit groups including the Surfrider Foundation have been instrumental in restoring and maintaining our dune system. Since 2009, volunteer dune restoration events have reduced the amount of non-natives and reintroduced endangered species to this sensitive coastal habitat. The City’s dune management plan was developed to continue and build upon these efforts.

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