City Debate NEWS OF THE DAY March 6, 2017

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Politicians need to stop the social media block | Opinion

Miami Beach Vows to be a City of Kindness

Philip Levine is the mayor of Miami Beach. He is an enthusiastic and pro-active liberal, which keeps his name in the news, but is sometimes a negative for him

Philip Levine
Philip Levine

Florida Judge Rules Another Trump Immigration Order Unconstitutional

Corinne Shakes Off Her Bachelor Elimination Blues In Miami Beach


The Florida Roundup: Miami-Dade Deportation Policy Found Unconstitutional, Threats To Jewish …

Cubans Show Up In Large Numbers In Large Numbers To March For Trump Rally

Pop Star Nicki Minaj Made A Serious Fashion Blunder In A Virtually Topless Outfit At Prestigious Miami Beach …

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj




Polluted environments kill 1.7 million children each year, WHO says

Kremlin seriously worried…

Why Trump Might Suspect Obama Bugged Trump Tower

By The New York Post Editorial Board President Trump’s claim that his predecessor bugged Trump Tower during the election has sent the media into fits,…

TSA Rolls Out New Pat-Downs, Some Travelers Say They’re Invasive


Venice could DISAPPEAR within 100 years: Global sea level rise may sink the Italian city, warn …

Do We Need to Stop Talking about Climate Change to Do Something About It?

Iran vessels force U.S. Navy ship to change course; Come within 600 yards…