Open letter from Michael Grieco About Election

Dear Fellow Miami Beach Resident,

I Michael Grieco, try to keep the campaign eblasts I send to a minimum, as it is not my style to barrage you with unsolicited email fundraising pleas. After the summer break, you’ll certainly receive an abundance of campaign update and platform emails from me and all of the other Miami Beach candidates seeking elective office.

However, last Friday, on May 19th, my opponent’s campaign chose to send a blatantly misleading and dishonest eblast relating to a poll they commissioned in February 2017. That has forced me to respond.

Dan’s campaign pollster and his consultant essentially claimed to have a lead in this contest which is a fabrication, nonexistent, and a disservice to the people of Miami Beach. And they mislead you by their own admission. You could call it yet another Gelber “Trumpian moment.”

My opponent claims a lead against me based on what is known as a “push poll,” whereby one campaign asks a handful of voters negative attack-questions only about their opponent, and only portrays its own candidate in a positive light. Needless to say, those poll results are meaningless and misleading due to their inherent bias.

But in this case, the Gelber campaign’s action is even WORSE than a push poll. The negative line of attack-question posed in the push poll against me was a lie. It’s blatantly dishonest and Dan knows it. Remarkably, Dan’s campaign ignorantly admits to this dishonest conduct in its email.

To date, I do not have or control a political committee and have not yet raised money for one. I have solely focused on raising money for my own campaign account. The fact is that I have many friends who Chair or participate in political committees, campaigns, and other forms of political free speech. For example, several local and state officials who raise money and even the Florida Democratic Party Chairman are close and personal friends of mine, yet no one should attribute the fundraising activity of those political committees towards me or my Mayoral campaign. The day may arrive when I open a political committee, and if I do, it will be fully transparent and legal. I will likely have to open one because Gelber and his special interest cronies are expected to spend well over a million dollars to defame me in their attempt to win this Mayoral contest.

As has already happened in our mailboxes recently, my opponent’s campaign itself is using an illegal and non-transparent group called “Concerned Citizens of Miami Beach” to attack me Michael Grieco. So if other political committees opt to practice their free speech rights to support me or oppose Dan Gelber, then for the same reasons I’ve mentioned above, that will be fine with me.

In short, Gelber’s push poll campaign attack is a very public lie. His email blast and push poll’s fake results amount to an act of desperation by a person who has proven himself to be nothing but a typical politician and opportunist backed by very powerful and nefarious special interests. It’s a disgraceful act and Dishonest Dan needs to cease and desist that sort of conduct.

I continue moving forward with my simple message of city government serving you better, protecting our quality of life, independent leadership, and standing up for the taxpayers.

Please visit my campaign website and join our effort by hosting or attending a Friend Raiser (see below), signing my candidate petition, contributing, placing a yard sign, or volunteering.

Thank you.

Michael Grieco

Your City Commissioner for Mayor of Miami Beach


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