Commissioner Michael Grieco open letter

Commissioner Michael Grieco why I want to serve you

Dear Fellow Miami Beach Resident,

Yesterday we issued a statement about our future plans to run for re-election.

“The last four and a half years have been some of the most rewarding of my life. My time as your City Commissioner has been an honor and a privilege. I worked diligently to be the best Commissioner possible, and I thank the people of Miami Beach for letting me serve them since 2013. My love for Miami Beach and local public service has been the driving force behind my effort to be an effective advocate for all the people.

This year has proven to be exceptionally challenging for me, my family, and the community forcing all of us to deal with distractions and political attacks that have no purpose but to cloud my service to the people of Miami Beach. The current climate of unjustified personal attacks on my character and service has forced me to make a difficult decision. Any unintended errors in judgment in my handling of matters not related to my public service as an elected official have been manipulated by the very special interests I have long opposed as your elected representative. Rather than subject my family and the voters of Miami Beach to an unrelenting mud-slinging contest in 2017 for Mayor of Miami Beach, I have decided to instead seek re-election as City Commissioner in Group 2.

I thank the more than 1,700 Miami Beach voters who honored me by signing the citizen-petition to be placed on the ballot for Mayor this year. I also thank all of the countless supporters for my run for Mayor. Rather than ask the voters to consider my experience in the all-important race for Miami Beach Mayor this year, I will instead dedicate my candidacy to communicating my record of accomplishments and proven track record of improving our residents’ quality of life.

The City of Miami Beach is not a strong Mayor form of government, so as a Commissioner, my vote carries the exact same weight as that of the Mayor. I intend to continue my service in our City with the same diligence and positive attitude that I have shown during the past four years. We have together helped make Miami Beach a much better place, and together we can make Miami Beach the City of the Future. Estoy Aqui para servirle ha ustedes, siempre. Thank you for allowing me this continued opportunity to serve.”
Thank you.

Michael Grieco

Michael Grieco

Your City Commissioner in Group 2

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