Becasted Launches Platform How Talent Industry Work

Talent Industry Launches Platform on How Talent Industry Works

Fashion Model leads the charge to transform the talent industry. Sandy Kacura launches as an innovative platform to allow talent and clients to manage their careers all in one place.

Although the world has changed, the antiquated nature of the fashion and modeling industry has not. is a new platform that is threatening to disrupt the way the talent industry works by shifting control away from the agencies and over to the clients and talent that they book.

With Becasted, models, social influencers, photographers, makeup artists, stylists and more, all have the ability to manage their bookings safely and securely by utilizing industry standard tools without the need for an agency. By cutting agency costs by more than 75%, allowing clients and talent to professionally review one another, and surfacing important statistics such as the social outreach a talent offers, Becasted is truly refashioning the fashion industry.

During a recent interview, Sandy Kacura, founder of Becasted, made these comments, “We hope to impact the talent industry in a tremendous way, not only are we giving the power back to the talent to manage themselves, but we are lowering the barrier to entry for new designers and giving them more opportunity to book amazing talent at an affordable price.”

Sandy Kacura has 16 years of experience as a professional model working for agencies such as Ford, Elite, and Next. She knows first hand what it’s really like to work in the fashion industry. Sandy founded Becasted in 2014 to bring in a change to the talent industry by creating a better online fashion talent marketplace for it to operate in.

Sandy goes on to say, “Our mission is to provide services to clients of all sizes to help them create the production they need at a budget that fits. With launching Becasted, we are most excited about the opportunity to empower talent to take control of their own careers, and not having to rely on agencies or managers to build their careers.” also just launched a section for social influencers to be hired for social marketing purposes from any business large or small. The demographics they provide on their website allow clients to make more informed decisions on how to approach their social media marketing. Becasted gives them the tools: Age, Gender, Location of the social influencers demographics as well as the followers, likes, comments, and video views. They also provide a CTR (Click through Rate) which will tell the clients how many times customers clicked through to their website from the ad the social influencer posted on their social media. The social media outlets clients can find influencers on our site: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Vine.

Talent using Becasted have worked with top clients, including Disney, Macy’s, Versace, and much more. They have worked in every aspect of the industry, from catwalks to cover shoots, and TV commercials throughout the world. Becasted is free for clients and talent to join and is the perfect place to find the right fashion talent for any budget.

About Becasted:

Becasted is laying the foundation to bring transparency to the world of fashion talent. Headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, Becasted wants to help grow the fashion and talent industries by allowing freelance talent to better manage their careers. Becasted is an innovative platform where talent and client can come together to conduct business, removing middlemen and agencies from the process. Becasted focuses on integrating safety and security into the fashion industry. With talent and client reviews, users of Becasted are able to give honest feedback about their work experience with other users. Becasted is at the forefront of modernizing the fashion and talent industries.

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