Bullying, peer pressure, can limit lives


Bullying At every age, expert says New book pinpoints 4 steps to prevail

While bullying of children is a recognized issue, peer pressure and bullying actually affect both children and adults, says bestselling author and former CEO Karl Zimmer III, author of new Top 100 Parenting book, “The Boy who grew up to RULE® the World.”

Parents and business leaders are often surprised when I share that peer pressure can continue to affect a person’s life and limit their potential for success, not only in childhood but into adulthood,” said Zimmer. “I experienced this as a boy and later observed the negative influence peer pressure can have in the workplace, as a CEO,” said Zimmer, which is why he shares his own experience in his new book, which recently reached Top 100 Bestseller status on Amazon.com, among books on Parenting.

In “The Boy Who Grew Up to RULE® the World,” Zimmer shares 4 proven principles that both young people and adults may use, to rise above peer pressure, and claim the power to “RULE®” – and lead – their own lives:

* R – Respect others and the differences they have experienced in life.

* U – Understand that others are more similar to us in the ways that count.

* L – Love yourself first, because you matter.

* E – Enjoy every moment that life has to offer.

The book, based largely on Karl’s own life, follows a boy as he faces a host of hardships – to overcome learning disabilities, bullying, and peer pressure – not only to survive but to thrive.
Ultimately, it is a success story that inspires and teaches people of all ages the truth about who they really are, and the value they bring to the world – regardless of what anyone has ever told them or done to them – as it also shares simple steps to prevail.

The foundation of the book and of Karl’s other teaching, writing and speaking on leadership, is RULE®, including his forthcoming book on business leadership, “4 Simple Steps to Profit in Harmony®.”

“The Boy who grew up to RULE® the World & how You can, too” is available at Amazon.com and other outlets.

SOURCE Karl Zimmer III

CONTACT: For more information or to schedule Karl Zimmer III for an expert media interview, speaking engagement, or other appearance on peer pressure, bullying, or leadership principles, contact him at books@iruletheworld.com or 317-837-6060.

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