Philip Levine Late to the Party on School Students and Guns

School Students
Today, the high school students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas return to school to what many describe as their new normal. Their parents are worried, and their community is shaken. Today will be a tough day because the memories of 14 students and 3 educators will be on the minds of everyone.
Though their voices have been silenced by their killer, we cannot allow the push for reforms to stop because we must prevent a tragedy like this one from ever happening again.
Earlier this week, I had the honor to march alongside the students, parents, and neighbors whose world was shaken by the tragedy in Parkland.
We rallied in the rain and demanded action by the Governor and Legislature.
We know that thoughts and prayers aren’t enough. That’s why we’re pushing for real gun reform in Tallahassee. Through our actions, we will honor the memories of those who have fallen, and protect the lives of students.
Sadly, our own State Legislature isn’t willing to do the same.
Many in Tallahassee are more concerned with their NRA rating than the lives of innocent children across Florida. It’s simply despicable.
If the Florida Legislature doesn’t have the will to take on gun reform, WE WILL. As Governor, I’ll fight to enact meaningful gun reform that bans assault weapons, mandate universal background checks, and increase funding to mental health programs to get help to people in need.
Together, we can honor the lives of fallen and ensure that what happened in Parkland will never happen again in Florida.

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