The Botanical Buzz: September 2019

Botanical Garden
New Additions…Shed-ing Some Light on the Garden!
The Garden Center has an elegant new shed to store tools and garden equipment that need to be protected from the elements. Thank you to Martine Ponce from Ponce Service Welding for putting the perfect finishing touches on our new Potting and Propagation Workspace. Get your hands in the dirt for this month’s Second Saturday Potting Workshop on September 14th, 10am-12pm. Purchase or bring your own pots & plants and spend the morning in our spectacular shaded new space, learning techniques to repot plants and orchids.
Let There Be Light…on our new fountain!
We’re so excited our upgraded water feature has a stunning lighting feature to add to the night time Garden ambiance. Our evening events will have a spectacular new focal point, courtesy of your generous donations from Give Miami Day 2018. Mark your calendar for 11.21.2019 when Give Miami Day returns and stay tuned for this year’s “Wish List!”
87 New Orchids Added To Our Diverse Collection!
There’s going to be a lot more color popping in ever corner of the Garden come this spring! Our horticultural team has added a variety of orchids, including Oncidium cebolleta, Myrmecocattleya Fuchs and South Florida native Encyclia tampensi, donated by orchid expert and volunteer, Drew Mullin. Vandas, Dendrobioms, Phalaenopsis and even a few fragrant Oncidium species are sure delight Garden visitors. Calling all orchid lovers! Join us April 11,10am-12pm for our Second Saturday Seminar: All About Orchids.
What’s In Bloom? Deep Sea Double-Take!
This month, take a closer look at a variety of specimens that look eerily similar to creatures found in the ocean. Whether scales or tentacles, blossoms or blooms, land meets sea in a most fascinating way. Visit the Garden and “sea” if you can spot them all.
Shrimp Plant
(Solanum quitoense)
Giant Milkweed
(Calotropis gigantea)
Napoleons Hat
 (Napoleonaea imperialis)
(Lagenaria siceraria)
Fuzzy Navel
(Justicia schavernia)
Australian Tree Fern
(Sphaeropteris cooperi)
Clown Fig
(Ficus aspera)
Giant Yarey Palm
(Copernicia fallansis)
Hanging Lobster Claw
(Heliconia rostrata)
Meet Audrey…The Garden’s Most Dedicated Volunteer Of All Time!
“I’ve been volunteering at the Garden since 2013, every Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings. I like watering and helping with other things, but weeding is my favorite. I find that weeding is relaxing and takes my mind off other things. Before I joined the Garden team I worked at the Old Log Cabin Nursery. Working here is great, I especially like my Garden family.”
A Look Back At Raymond Jungles’ Presentation…
Standing room only! Nearly 200 attendees were captivated by legendary Landscape Architect Raymond Jungles and his talk on the evolution of his career and mentor Roberto Burle Marks. We were privy to his journey from his early years as a lifeguard, to his meteoric rise to master of dynamic, creative, and ecologically sensitive landscape architecture.
Hat Trick..Two Hats In One!
Whether there’s rain or shine. These adorable hats will keep your kids safe from the elements. Each come in their own compact clippable pouch, so easy to pack and go anywhere. Six fun patterns to choose from, each with a reversible solid color. 50+ UV protection, is water- and wrinkle-resistant, and machine washable.
Price – $12
Make The Most of Our Compost!
Give your garden or house plants the perfect boost. Our organic material can be added to soil to help plants flourish.
$10 Small Bag, $20 Large Bag
To Flush, Or Not To Flush…
Here Is The Answer!
Though the toilet may seem like a black hole excepting refuse at the ready, there are consequences for what seems to be so convenient.
Here’s the What & Why not…
Dental Floss = Non biodegradable, can clog your can!
Wet Wipes = Too bulky and can’t fit through pipes
Q-tips & Cotton Balls = Clump and don’t break down
Diapers & Feminine Products = They expand and cause blockage
Cooking Grease = It congeals when it cools and creates a plug
Cigarette Butts = Contain toxic chemicals and don’t dissolve
Pills = Contaminates water supply and terrible for the environment
Paper Towels and Tissues = Take too long to break apart and will obstruct
When in doubt, mindfully throw it out!
Visit us at Arts Launch for a preview of the season’s programs…
Art Exhibition & Reception: “Green” by Moira Holohon
September 5th through October 15th, Tuesday through Sunday, 9am-5pm
Opening Reception, September 12th, 6pm-8pm
Moira Holohan’s exhibition, “Green” involves the use of woven meditative practice, while exploring virtual time and space. Through a series of hand woven screens with hemp and bamboo cord, Holohan investigates chroma key compositing, better known as green screen, as a playful subjective color and area which can exist as a pictorial organic object and/or a portal to a virtual transient site. The exhibition looks out to the Garden’s lush and vibrant vegetation, further investigating the tension between the natural/real and virtual world.
International Day of Peace
Friday, September 20th
Join 2019’s “Climate Action for Peace,” a global peace assembly. Peace Proclamations will be delivered by Miami-Dade County Commissioner Eileen Higgins and City of Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements. The Honorable Mayor Dan Gelber will present the keynote address. Musical selections by Miami Beach Senior High School students will be performed throughout the morning and symbolic artwork from all local Miami Beach schools will be on display. Sponsored by Ayuda, Marjorie York and the Garden – join the movement to spread peace every day!
Natural Artisan Perfumery – Make Your Own Perfume with Patrizio Santocchi
Sunday, September 22nd
Discover the art of creating intoxicating natural perfumes with fragrance master Patrizio Santocchi. Get a better understanding of the differences between synthetic fragrances and natural perfumes. Learn about prima materia – main ingredients and techniques of extraction. The workshop covers proportions, carriers and making perfume. As one of the strongest of our five senses, scent has the ability to create unforgettable memories. Join Patrizio and create you’re very own signature perfume.
$40 includes ingredients, tools and bottles.
Vinyasa Yoga Class & Meditation
Every Wednesday
We focus on the breath throughout the entire class and pay close attention to matching our movements to it. Through the breath we can begin to find presence and balance in order to create space within our body. Relax, Breathe, Let Go…
Guided Meditation and Pranayamae.
Every Sunday
Be guided through ancient breathing techniques, known as Pranayama, that have been scientifically proven to help balance our nervous system, improve our blood flow and circulation, and activate relaxation.
$5 can be in Boutique
Sunday Zen Garden Yoga
Every Sunday
Join Franci to prepare for the week ahead with a Vinyasa/Hatha style Yoga class. The class is for all levels, filled with deep stretches, twists, balancing poses and incorporates breath work to assist in reducing stress level.
Community Compost Conversation
Every Saturday 10am-12pm (open hours)
Have compost questions and want to learn more? We’ve established open hours at our compost hub where Cassidy, our compost advisor will be available to answer questions while working on soil production. See your food waste transform into multi-purpose super fertile soil that is guaranteed to improve the health of all plants without the dangers and negative impact of harmful chemicals.
Gaylord’s Guided Garden Tour
Saturday, September 14th, 21st & 28th
Discover even more about our topical oasis with Garden celebrity & entertainer, Gaylord! Enjoy his colorful tour as he unearths the stories & secrets about the landscape, plants and history of Miami Beach packed within these 2.6 acres. Bring a picnic lunch and relax under the beautiful palms. The show always continues in the Botanical Boutique where the man of many hats, meets, greets and answers any questions you may have about the Garden.
If you would like to schedule a private tour, call 305.673.7256
$5 donation per person
Have some fun solving these word jumbles. Here’s a hint! They are all plant species that can be found in the Garden. Answers can be found upside down at the bottom.
  1. mnhridpodule
  2. acsdcy
  3. tocoine
  4. rostmaen
  5. lnyga-gylna

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