Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club Joshua M. Levy Candidate for school board

Joshua M. Levy

I take great pride in giving back to our community. I am President of the Miami Beach Bar Association and served as Vice-Chair of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.  My passion for community service also includes improving our public education system, which I have been fighting for since my children, who are third-generation students attending public schools in Miami Beach, started school.

I advocated in Tallahassee for an increase in per-pupil funding.  I also legislated at the Quality of Education Committee for the City of Miami Beach and chaired the Committee, focusing on such issues as safety, and security and e-cigarettes.  I have served as the feeder pattern representative for all the Parent Teacher Student Associations flow into Miami Beach Senior High School.  And now I am running for the school board.

As a lawyer with 25 years of experience, I have not only advocated in the courtroom.  I have also advocated for Miami Beach Public Schools, for my children who are currently seventh and ninth graders in Miami Dade Public Schools, and for Miami Beach students.  Now I am eager to advocate for all our public schools, for all our parents, and for all our future leaders.  Please join me as I discuss my candidacy and my platform next Tuesday at the Tuesday morning breakfast club.

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