A message from Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine

Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine Tries to explain how he screwed up.

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In case you missed it, check out This Week In South Florida where I highlighted the status of the city’s stormwater infrastructure plan and discussed the important steps Miami Beach is taking to better prepare for unanticipated, severe storms like we saw last week. As our rainy season continues, residents and businesses should also make sure they have a plan in place to prevent flooding on their properties. If your business is in a low lying area and prone to flooding, make sure your flood panels are properly installed.

To date, we have completed 15 percent of the stormwater infrastructure upgrades. The City is also moving forward with replacing the current temporary generators with permanent generators to prevent power outages from impacting our flood mitigation efforts. Nothing is 100 percent effective, but doing nothing is 100 percent ineffective. The city will continue to invest in mitigation to combat tidal and storm flooding.

Philip Levine
Mayor of Miami Beach

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2 thoughts on “A message from Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine

  • October 18, 2017 at 10:34 pm

    Dear Mayor,

    You made up for the generator issue by leading a vigorous fight to
    let the public weigh in, by referendum, on a requirement that some Ocean Drive clubs stop outdoor alcohol sales at 2 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. Those eight clubs fired back at you with a massive postal and TV campaign. They even cooked up a so-called piece of research, the Fishkind “study,” that claims that if people vote yes in November, the economy of the Miami Beach will be a mirror image of Berlin’s…in 1945!
    But you have to hand it to the “research” firm the clubs hired, Fishkind Associates. Fishkind starting with a measly $16 million in lost liquor sales, and then, by means of casting their net of “collateral damage” far and wide, succeeded in concluding with an estimate of direct and indirect losses of almost $2 billion! That’s with a “b,” as in Berlin.
    And, who knew that making those eight Ocean Drive clubs move some of their customers indoors at 2 a.m. would cause 5500 people to lose their jobs and suck $200 million dollars out of the economy?
    Well, Mayor, we residents do know that independent FIU researchers gave the Fishkind report a D-minus. And, we know that Ocean Drive has become a loud, sleazy, carnival-like scene that’s attracting predators who prey on visitors. (I live on Ocean Drive and a fight between rival criminal gangs but four bullets into my building.)
    And, crucially, despite the massive postal and TV misinformation campaign , residents also know that the November referendum on Ocean Drive may be the public’s last chance to pull Ocean Drive out of a fatal dive into becoming another super-sleazy Bourbon Street.



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