Ophthalmology Times Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Best in Nation

Eye Institute receives top ranking in three key Ophthalmology areas: Best Overall Program, Best Clinical Care, and Top Residency Program

Ophthalmology Times today ranked Bascom Palmer Eye Institute as the #1 Overall Ophthalmology Program, the Best in Clinical Care, and the Best Residency Program in the United States.  “It is a deep honor for our team of clinicians, scientists, and educators to be recognized for the high-quality of our care,” said Eduardo C. Alfonso, M.D., chair of Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, a University of Miami Hospital and Clinic, part of UHealth – the University of Miami Health System.

“Since Bascom Palmer was founded 55 years ago, we have been dedicated to providing the finest possible eye care, finding new ways to treat vision problems and prevent blindness, and to educate the physicians of the future,” Alfonso added. “We are continually looking to improve and evolve to make vision care even better.”

Ophthalmology Times, a national UBM Media publication focused on cutting-edge advancements in vision care, has resumed its national rankings after a five-year hiatus. In 2012, the publication also honored Bascom Palmer as the nation’s Best Overall Program, Best in Clinical Care and Best Residency Program.

Alfonso said Ophthalmology Times pays close attention to vision research and education, as well as patient care.   “Bascom Palmer provides a forum where key issues and challenges confronting ophthalmology have been addressed, where new technology has been unveiled and where ophthalmologists come together to discuss and teach the best care for their patients,” he said.  “The credit belongs to our entire team of physicians, scientists, researchers and dedicated staff members.”

All of Bascom Palmer’s 89 faculty members embrace community service, as well as clinical care, education and research, Alfonso said.  For example, Bascom Palmer’s Vision Van provided care to residents and first-responders in the Florida Keys after Hurricane Irma, and the Institute’s leaders delivered medical supplies and organized a patient-physician support network for Puerto Rico’sophthalmologists after Hurricane Maria.

Bascom Palmer’s robust clinical and laboratory research programs focus on glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), genetic conditions, infectious diseases and other issues. “The current treatment for wet AMD was developed here, and is now the worldwide standard,” noted Alfonso.

Bascom Palmer’s residency program, under the leadership of Steven Gedde, M.D., professor of ophthalmology and the John G. Clarkson Chair in Ophthalmology, consistently attracts “the best and the brightest young physicians entering the field of ophthalmology,” Alfonso said. “We have a large patient volume, giving residents experience on a wide range of ophthalmic diseases and disorders. Many go into academic medicine and educate other physicians, contributing to Bascom Palmer’slong-term and global impact.”

In 2017, Bascom Palmer was also ranked as the nation’s Best in Ophthalmology by U.S News & World Report in its 2016-17 Best Hospitals edition.  It is the 16th time that Bascom Palmer Eye Institute-Anne Bates Leach Eye Hospital has been named No. 1 since the publication began surveying U.S. physicians for its annual rankings 27 years ago.

“At Bascom Palmer, the patient always comes first,” said Alfonso. “Having ophthalmologists from throughout the country recognize our Institute as the best in the nation, again and again, is a great honor.”

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