Miami Beach Commissioner Mark Samuelian May Commission Meeting Recap

Wednesday’s Commission Meeting was filled with actions on projects across our city.  While the meeting touched on many subjects, I wanted to highlight those that were of special interest.

Off-Duty Police on Ocean Drive (item R9 K)
I am proud to have successfully sponsored the funding for off-duty police officers on the west side of Ocean Drive.  The City and certain Ocean Drive businesses will work to ensure five additional officers are focused in our highest traffic areas during peak times.

Bus Rapid Transit Demo on Julia Tuttle (item R9 U)
The City is working with the County on a three-year Bus Rapid Transit pilot.  This initiative entails dedicated lanes (shoulders) on the Julia Tuttle and is intended to alleviate congestion and provide an additional transportation solution for our workforce commuting to the Beach.

Convention Center Hotel (item R7 K)
The City will issue an RFP for the development and ground lease agreement with a developer for a potential Convention Center Hotel.  The location would be the parking lot just east of City Hall, and this question would be voted on by residents on an upcoming ballot.

North Beach Yard (item R7 B)
A great project with a five-year lease with an option of two, two-year extensions was passed by the Commission.  This temporary project will be another catalyst for activating North Beach as a community-driven culinary and social experience.

La Gorce Neighborhood / Street Raising (item R7 O)
This proposed $87 million resiliency project was ill-conceived and lacked community support.  The Commission voted 5-2 to start over which is in the best long-term interest of our entire community.  We need to become more resilient — and we need to do it right.

You can watch videos of any of the items below. My aide, Elias Gonzalez, and I always welcome your input.
Yours in service,

May Commission Meeting

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