Ricky Report July 2019

Join me in congratulating our new Chief of Police, Rick Clements, and Deputy Chief of Police, Wayne Jones! These men have an illustrious career of proven mettle, compassion, and commitment to public service. Our City is in good hands with their leadership and we wish them all the best! They certainly do not have an easy job by any means, but they stand ready for the task along with our men, women, and canines in blue.
One of my goals is for all residents to live within a 5-minute walk of a park. A way to do this is by studying our neighborhoods and looking for underutilized public right of ways to transform. They’re usually small spaces, which make them ideal candidates for what’s known as “pocket parks.” Pocket parks are small green areas designed to serve the needs of specific neighborhoods. I’m proud to say our first pocket park has broken ground in Sunset Harbour! This pocket park is designed with our children in mind. Maurice Gibb Park will soon be undergoing extensive renovations, so we needed to make sure that the children of Sunset Harbour, Lower North Bay Road, and Sunset Islands III & IV all have a place to play!
Muscle Beach South Beach got a great new addition to its adult playground! Weightlifters can now rejoice because we just installed a fitness locker with all the weight training equipment you can ask for. From bench pressing to deadlifts to kettlebell cleans to rope climbing – you can do it all. It was very important for us as a City to round out our fitness offerings at Muscle Beach South Beach beyond calisthenics. This new locker by BeaverFit fills the void that was missing.
I was proud to partner with South Florida Seniors in Action to sponsor a farm share food distribution for the community. For families and seniors on a limited and fixed income, knowing where the next meal is coming from can cause anxiety. That should never be the case! Thank you to the volunteers that came out to unload, package, and distribute the food. It is no easy production but the end result is well worth it.
Phase II of Middle Beach Recreational Corridor project is finally complete! Residents can now walk or jog on an uninterrupted pedestrian path from South Pointe Park in South Beach all the way to 79 Street in North Beach. Thanks to resident input the project was improved with a much better design. I know many of you are also wondering when the City will begin the removal and replacement of the old boardwalk between 23rd Street and 45th Street. Well, Phase III of the Middle Beach Recreational Corridor project begins this fall and construction is expected to take 14 months to complete.

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