Michael Hepburn Launches Bid Against Rep. Donna Shalala For Congress

Michael Hepburn

“The residents of this district deserve a choice”

Today, I announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination in Florida’s 27th Congressional District. I made this decision after much self-reflection, prayer, and months of dialogue with my inner circle, and those I’m looking forward to earning the chance to represent in Congress. This district and these times deserve more than just a centrist approach, they demand a fighter and champion who exudes the fierce urgency of now.

All I have ever known throughout my life is to make sure that I’m part of the solution, not the problem. Advocating for those most in need was instilled in me early from my mother. Standing up when no one else will, fighting for what’s right despite the echoing voices of naysayers, and pushing forward through all obstacles – is my foundation. My beliefs are what drive me to tackle our society’s most pressing issues. Educating our people about the policymaking process, inspiring millennials to take a seat at the table of our government, respecting our seniors by ensuring their future days are as good as their younger days – are reasons why I serve.

Our country is at a serious inflection point. The occupant of the White House is part of the equation but he’s not the root of the problem. The issues that consume our nation – massive income inequality, institutionalized bigotry, spineless politicians, and our inability of treating all lives with humanity and respect is an anchor that has plagued our nation for decades. We have not yet delivered on our nation’s proclaimed values and goals. Our people are not experiencing equal opportunity for all, many are not able to develop their God-given potential and our next generation of leaders struggle with just staying alive – due to our American belief that guns are more important than our people. Making progress on longstanding challenges requires a new perspective. I will be one of the boldest voices in Congress, as an activist for the entire district and as a champion for education, healthcare and economic justice for all. This age of time demands nothing less.

For more information about Michael Hepburn and his congressional campaign, please visit his website at www.MichaelHepburn.com. For press requests email michael@michaelhepburn.com

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